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First-class colostrum product
Liquid colostrum from which fat and casein have been removed
Made from the best colostrum, exclusively from European cows
Without additives, colors or preservatives
Made in Germany
Made with a gentle cold brewing process to maintain optimal nutrient density

Do something good for yourself – quickly and directly!

Colostrum Liquid is a premium quality product, colostrum, which is only the best colostrum after the calf is born.

In LR, only casein and fat are removed from the natural raw material using a unique, patented method. In this way, the delicate ingredients are preserved throughout the manufacturing process.

Colostrum Liquid does not contain additives, colors or preservatives and is made in Germany. LR only uses surplus colostrum from German cows for production, which is first extensively tested.

The pure quality of LR Colostrum products is ensured by continuous checks – and confirmed by the INSTITUT FRESENIUSSEN quality stamp, which is one of the most difficult inspection marks to obtain on the market.

* * * * *Do you know what Colostrum is? Colostrum is the first milk of a cow that has just given birth, called colostrum. Colostrum is very important for the immune system of a newborn calf, because calves do not have ready-made immunity protection at birth, but they need it from their mother. Colostrum provides immunity protection due to its high antibody content. Humans also benefit from this high antibody concentration and the strengthened immune protection it brings.
Colostrum Liquid is cow’s colostrum from the first 12 hours after calving. In the gentle cold production method, only fat and casein are removed from colostrum, the product is not heated at any stage.
Colostrum Liquid contains no additives, colors or preservatives and is made in Germany. In production, LR only uses surplus colostrum from European cows, which is extensively tested beforehand.
The flawless quality of LR colostrum products is ensured by permanent quality control – and it is confirmed by the INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal, which is one of the strictest independent quality seals on the market.

Liquid Colostrum is a great first aid as soon as the first symptoms of, for example, the flu appear. Take a bunch of Colostrum and your body’s resistance will get immediate support to defeat the disease.

More information
Colostrum is also subject to normal fluctuations, like every natural raw material. The composition and taste of the Colostrum Liquid drink may therefore vary. However, there is no effect on the quality and valuable ingredients there. It is guaranteed by LR with continuous measurements and regular inspections – e.g. by the independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

LR only uses surplus colostrum from German cows for its colostrum products in order to guarantee high quality standards and to be able to consistently manage all stages up to the final product. Each product batch can be traced back to the producer farm.

The protective cold manufacturing method used in Colostrom Liquid milk is only used in LR and a patent application has been made for it:

*Patent number: DE 10 2011 008 579 A 1

Once a day, 8 ml on its own or mixed with cold fruit juice. Do not mix with hot drinks.

Tip: If the taste of the Colostrum Liquid drink is too sharp, you can mix it with a glass of juice, for example. Shake the product before use.

Store in a cool and dark place. After opening, store in the refrigerator and use within 14 days.

Pay attention to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Cow’s colostrum concentrate (fat and casein removed).

The recommended daily dose (8 ml) contains:

Colostrum concentrate 8.2 g

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