Avon Care Healthy Hydration shampoo conditioner with aloe and macadamia oil 700 ml.


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The 2-power moisturizing shampoo conditioner contains aloe and macadamia oil and helps to restore moisture throughout the length of the hair, leaving thirsty hair feeling shiny and smooth.

• 2-in-1 moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for thirsty hair.

• This is how it works: Aloe Vera and macadamia oil in the formula bring healthy moisture and shine to the entire length of the hair.

• End result: Silky and smooth hair.

• Economy size XXL

• Recyclable packaging

Looking for a 1-step hair care routine that leaves your hair feeling moisturized? In that case, choose Avon Care Healthy Hydration 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in the same package!

We extracted aloe vera and macadamia nut oil into the composition. Gently cleanses and leaves hair feeling silky smooth.


Apply a small amount of shampoo to damp hair, massage into the scalp and then rinse. You can repeat the wash again if necessary.


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