Aloe Vera Face Set


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Aloe Vera Clarifying Face Tonic 200 ml
Aloe Vera Refining Eye Cream 15 ml
Aloe Vera Refreshing Gel Cream 50 ml

The cold and late winter is especially hard on our skin! So take good care of your skin and offer it the best care, with Aloe vera of course! The Aloe Vera Face set contains three must-have skin care products for the winter: a brightening, soothing and refreshing face lotion, an eye cream that fades dark circles and firms and moisturizes, and a powerful moisturizing gel cream that is perfect for adding an extra moisture boost to your skin under your own care cream!

Clarifying Face Tonic: Finishes cleansing and prepares the skin for treatment creams

Refining Eye Cream: Every morning and evening, after cleansing your face, apply an amount about the size of the head of a pin on the skin around the eyes, patting lightly.

Refreshing Gel Cream: Apply to cleansed skin under your own care cream to give an extra dose of moisture. Absorbs quickly and your skin loves it!