Aloe Vera Baby Protection Cream

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Renews and soothes irritated skin

Full-bodied, thick cream

for broken skin 40% Aloe vera, organic periwinkle extract, zinc and panthenol
Supports the regeneration of broken skin and protects it from breakage in the diaper area
Renews and soothes irritated skin
Does not contain fragrance oils

It’s a real challenge for a baby’s butt to have to be in diapers around the clock. The skin is still in development and its own protection is not yet as strong as in adults. Therefore, the baby’s skin is sensitive to external stimuli. That’s just a challenge for the cream!

Aloe Vera Baby Sensitive Protective Cream protects and treats sensitive skin in the diaper area. The composition, which contains 40% Aloe vera, organic calendula extract, zinc and panthenol, prevents skin breakage and gives your baby’s butt a good effect.

The protective cream is also suitable as a skin protection cream for the whole family!

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